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Upcoming Litters

FriendsAt Kamaglo, I breed primarily for performance purposes -- in order to get the next generation of show dogs.  Usually the best of the litter stays here or goes to another performance home, but there are usually many pet quality puppies available to become beloved family members. 

My order of priority  is 1) temperament, 2) health, and 3) performance.  All breeding dogs have appropriate dispositions for golden retrievers; they are sweet, attention seeking, and very social.  All breeding dogs have hip (OFA as well as PennHIP), heart (board certified cardiologist), eye (CAER), and elbow clearances (OFA ).  As well, all breeding dogs, but in exceptional circumstances, have championship points or performance titles or both.  The dogs I strive for are show quality, able to run in hunt tests, perform well in obedience and agility, and may be trained to title in any venue.  Many multititled dogs sport the Kamaglo kennel name.


"Docey" and "Phoef" have tentative plans for their first litters in 2016.  We'll have more information when they come into season.

Kamaglo Golden Retrievers

Germantown, Wisconsin


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