CH Kamaglo's Original Formula, JH, CDX, WCX, VCX, OS

(Ch. Krishna's Eddington of Sabra, JH, CDX, WC, VC x Merigold Kamaglo Grand Nosh'n, JH, CDX, WC, VC, OD


Sinclair Rutledge "Sinclair" was my superlative boy! Exactly what I was looking for in breeding Palmer to Kammi and then some. Sinclair's incredible field drive came directly from his dad, his biddable nature and focus from his mom. Both parents had outstanding headpieces, it was hard to miss Sinclair's beautiful head. He covered ground effortlessly 'til the end of his days. He did everything I ever asked him to, was the most remarkably trainable dog with whom I've ever worked. From his JAM at the 1999 National Specialty, his obedience titles earned at seven shows in two months, and his awe-inspiring field drive, he did me proud. His WCX title earned at age 10 in August of 2006 after several years on hiatus, finished his VCX title. I'm proudest of his OS title earned by titled get out of various bitches, offspring who include one GCH, multiple group-winning and group-placing champions, multititled kids, one OTCH, five UD's, three MH's, one CT, one MACH, one MACH2, and two MACH3s, so far, all in only 17 litters. It thrills me that so many of his kids still continue to achieve major goals. My greatest heartbreak is his loss at two months shy of 13 years after a very brave. long battle with hemangiosarcoma. He was my dog until the last breath, devoted to me, ears up and smiling, until he passed. I'll miss him forever, my Duke.

Sinclair is OFA Good (GR-57250G25M-T), PennHIP 0.36/0.36 (90th percentile), cardiac clear, elbow clear (GR-EL12604M126-PI --10 years of age) and last CERF (GR-14956) was at age 11 in August, 2006. Limited frozen semen is available.

Sinclair's pedigree can be seen here.

Sinclair Sinclair

Kamaglo Golden Retrievers

Germantown, Wisconsin

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