CH Krishna Desertheir Kamaglo Freedom

(CH Ariell Kamaglo Duplicate Formula X Desertheir Krishna Love Ya)


Rutledge Rutledge "Rutledge" was Baines' son out of Gloria Kerr and Liz Borozan's breeding and came to me on my whim. He was such a beautiful puppy in the litter photos that they emailed, I claimed him. He pointed at six months and six days of age and finished with relative ease with a breed win from the classes, taking his last major under esteemed breeder judge Marcia Schlehr at the prestigious Louisville cluster. He has produced beautiful, sweet puppies and was my beloved companion until his sudden departure at age 12 without much notice.  He was a sweet, happy boy, I'll miss him especially.

Rutledge is OFA Good (GR-86903G24M-PI), Elbow normal (GR-EL11748M24-PI), PennHIP 0.40/0.38 (90th percentile), CERF Normal (GR-28377/2010), and cardiac clear.

Rutledge's pedigree can be seen here.

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